Andrew Schlais

BIO: Andrew is one of Funbelievable’s co-owners and top balloon artist. As an avid balloon twister, he has been a hit with kids and families of all ages.  He is our balloon weapons expert, so be sure to hire him out for your boys’ events!

FAV BALLOONS: Shields, swords, and bow & arrows
FAV GIGS: Birthday Parties


Kathleen Schlais

BIO: Funbelievable’s other co-owner, Kathleen, decided to become a balloon artist after her husband (Andrew Schlais) taught her how to make some awesome balloon creations. When she’s not twisting balloons, she works as a speech-language pathologist at one of the local schools. She always hopes to put a smile on every kid’s face with her balloon art.

FAVORITE BALLOONS: Magic wands, mermaids, and butterflies
FAVORITE GIGS: Community Events


Laurie Carrol

BIO: Laurie started working with Funbelievable Balloons in 2011. As one of our more experiences artists, Laurie can make creations that go beyond your wildest imaginations. When she isn’t working a gig, you can usually find her working at one of the local libraries!

FAVORITE BALLOONS: Monkeys and cupcake bracelets
FAVORITE GIGS: Community Events


Phillip Yu

BIO: As a student,  Phillip is primarily only available during the summers. We are glad to have him, as he is an awesome balloon artist and a hit with people of all ages!

FAVORITE BALLOONS: Unicorns and pirate swords
FAVORITE GIGS: Farmers’ Market


Benson Rabe

BIO: Benson has always had an interest in balloon twisting, so when his friend (Andrew Schlais) reached out to him, he jumped at the opportunity to become a balloon artist. Benson loves experimenting with balloons to create the coolest and most extreme new creations!

FAVORITE BALLOONS: Swords, laser guns, monkeys, and flower bracelets
FAVORITE GIGS: Restaurants


Sophia Rabe

BIO: Sophia first became interested in balloon twisting after her husband (Benson Rabe) started learning. Not only is she an amazing balloon artist, but she is also our up-and-coming Henna artist. If you’re interesting in hiring both a balloon and Henna artist for your event, ask about Sophia’s availability!

FAVORITE BALLOONS: Cats, Unicorns, Turtle Bracelets, and Bunnies
FAVORITE GIGS: Community Events


Storm Angone

BIO: Storm has been making balloon animals since 2008. He’s a lightning fast balloon twister with a love for superheros and hilarious balloons. We are lucky to have him on the team, considering his epic history. Back in 2008, Storm single handedly saved the country from its financial crisis, creating balloon superheros so realistic that they actually came to life and saved the day. Since then, he has continued to twist balloons and he has taken up a career as a successful actor and musician!

FAVORITE BALLOONS: Lightsabers & Spiderman
FAVORITE GIGS: Public Events


Aaron Hays

BIO: Aaron started on the path of balloon making back in 6th grade. Using all of his allowance he bought his first balloon kit and began learning the trade. In high school he met a professional balloon artist at a local restaurant and was trained to work professionally. He has been entertaining families and businesses for over 20 years and has even entertained overseas in Italy and Spain. Aaron gets the biggest kick out of teaching and training aspiring artists and helping them find their own voice. He wants everyone to realize that when you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes. Aaron works a few gigs a year for top clients and family friends, spending most of his time with his family.

FAVORITE GIGS: Any place where people are open to having their
faces blown off by my amazing balloon powers.