About Us

Humble Beginnings

The company began as an entrepreneur’s idea in May, 2009, years after Aaron Hays developed his balloon artistry skills as a high schooler working for a local restaurant in his hometown, For years, which included his college days in Central Illinois, Aaron was able to earn tips and WOW his growing restaurant crowds with increasing skill and speed. He even had chances while traveling overseas to entertain crowds in Italy and Spain.

The Continuing Saga

Upon college graduation, Aaron entered the financial services industry, but could not fathom walking away from the artistry work that so often kept him from going hungry as a college student. Keeping his hand in a steady restaurant gig after university and increasingly meeting up with young enterprising college students and high schoolers who appreciated his skill, Aaron realized there was a need to fuse entrepreneurial skills education with a skill/passion certain individuals possess naturally.

Creating A Clan

Next, Aaron learned business organization rules and methods from a local, sympathetic lawyer who admired the goals of the young Hays in wanting to train others and launch them in their own self- promoting businesses. With long hours and a firm commitment to develop a “win-win” oriented team of talented balloon artists, Funbelievable Balloons, Inc. was born. Artists were recruited, trained and launched into balloon gigs that were entertaining, affordable and often highly promotional for the restaurants our company serves on a regular basis. Bi-weekly company meetings are available to all artists to learn new business skill sets and share “twisting” trade secrets. While every artist is an independent contractor, determining for themselves which gigs they receive, all are willing to assist a fellow artist in a pinch, because they have been trained to understand 2 beautiful business axioms:

The Teary, Happy Ending

Anytime you find an “fbi” balloon agent in safety orange shoes working a gig, let him or her know that you read their company background, and ask for a signature “fbi” balloon. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed, and that you will certainly be saying to yourself, that artist sure is “funbelievable.”